About Us

Since 1987 for the oldest one, the boutiques which are part of MBA Capital have as their core business M&A advisory to small and midcaps shareholders and managementont, ie sellout and handover of businesses, build-ups, funding rounds and assistance from the devising to the execution of their corporate finance projects.

MBA Capital, born out of the will of 3 boutiques (Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris), bringing enhanced service to its clients owing to best practice sharing and a geographical coverage, has constantly evolved to count today around twenty M&A partners, helped by financial analysts.

The evolution of our network has naturally led to branding MBA Capital on a national level. From the compilation and effective communication of our done deals numbers to the financial press, MBA Capital has been recognised among the leaders in smallcaps M&A (deals below 30 m€ of company value) in France and stays so.

Professional of this complex and specific advisory, each of our partners is a Financial Investment Advisor (CIF status in France), registered at the ACIFTE (the French CIF association), approved by the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) and registered at ORIAS. These institutions are a guaranttee of seriousness, continuous training, rules and regulations protecting the interests of our clients which only a Corporate Finance CIF is authorized to claim.

One of our partners is President of ACIFTE, which testifies to our implication in the evolution and permanent professionalization of this trade towards  regulations which ensure a world class quality of service 

Besides, MBA Capital is a founding member of the M&A Worldwide netwrok, which today counts 45 members in 41 countries.

This powerful network, specialized in small and midcaps deals, has achieved in 2015 deals for a combined enterprise value of 2,7 billion euros. This enables MBA Capital to suggest relevant foreign counterparts in most of its corporate finance missions.

MBA Capital has integrated since a few years high level operational advisory competencies, coined as  MBA Capital Optimization & Recovery, which ideally complement the core business of MBA Capital and its strive to deliver a world class professional and independent service.

Advising shareholders and management in M&A

Transaction de confiance, acquisition et fusion d'entreprises avec MBA CapitalMost of our partners are strongly involved in the economic life ot their territory :  Medef, Réseau Entreprendre, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie, etc.

MBA Capital, over 600 done deals across all sectors.