Through several hundred done deals in company or business unit acquisitions, MBA Capital has developped a method for these projects which is both rigorous and pragmatic, a standardized and secure process from end to end.

Recognizing the specificity of its clients, whether management shareholders, family offices, private equity funds, groups or individual buyers, MBA Capital offers tailor-made services for the acquisition of a company. Our experts are at your side to assist you in your build-up or distressed M&A strategy.

Except in the case of the acquisition of a distressed business, MBA Capital recommends to the buyer, and advises him in, the definition of the criteria which should be met by the targetted companiers and to a larger extent the strategic plan within which the acquisition project is considered. We also intervene in more complex situations such as acquisition of companies under receivership or distressed.


The depth of its knowledge of the economic landscape together with the power of its network both national and international enables then MBA Capital to identify and present targets whatever the criteria established.

This phase, aiming at leading to the issuance of a letter of intent, implies specific competencies, especially when approaching targets which not necessarily envisaged a sellout. MBA Capital, recognized for its professionalism and its independence, allows to efficiently lead the process, and alleviate the fears of targets which are often competitors as to the true intent of the buyer.

Build-up and takeover

Leading the negotiations and coordinating the other advisorson of the buyer, MBA Capital protects its client’s interests, especially as to the guarantee on changes noted post-deal on assets and liabilities, but also on the structuration of the price release.

The fee scheme of MBA Capital is aligned on an objective of minimizing the acquisition price.

MBA Capital strongly recommends to prepare in parallel to the acquisition process the post-merger integration. Indeed, it is common knowledge that 70% of acquisitions do not meet the expected results for lack of adequate preparation and execution of the post-merger integration. MBA Capital, through its operational advisory competencies, provides a service of assistance of the buyer in the integration of the company. 

  • Our tailor-made rigorous and pragmatic method
  • Our standard and secure process
  • Our recommendation : define the criteria of the targets and the consistency of the envisaged acquisition with the strategic plan
  • The power of our national and international network
  • Our professionalism and our independence reassure the targets which did not envisage selling
  • Our fee scheme aligned on an objective of minimizing the acquisition price
  • The protection of your interests on all the negotiation points
  • Our strong recommendtion : prepare the post-merger integration, for which we can assist you

MBA Capital shares with you its experience and advises you on all your acquisition projects.

MBA Capital strong points


Caring about the adequation of your company strategy with your acquisition project, we reinforce the relevance of our advice.


MBA Capital advises you in the expression of the target choice criteria, in order to make a tailor-made search.


From the strategic review until the post-merger integration, MBA Capital is alongside you for the success of your acquisition.