Business valuation

Valuation, ie setting the value of an unlisted company or business unit is delicate. Yet business valuation is essential to decision-making. 

As a matter of fact, business valuation is a measuring tool for shareholders and management. The estimation should measure the creation (or destruction) of wealth and requires empirical adjustments especially when comparing to listed company valuations (downgrading for illiquidity for instance).

We have performed over 1000 valuations. We do one for each sellout, handover, acquisition, fund-raising, but also for Courts of Commerce, Chambers of Industry and Commerce and banks.

We deliver fairness opinions, ie our sincere and objective assessment of the company value.

The status of Financial Investments Advisor (CIF) of the boutiques and partners of MBA Capital implies continuous training, among other things on valuation techniques.

Business valuation is a specialty with proven methods. 

évaluation d'une entreprise avec audit et évaluation financièreCombining a broad sector expertise, a full geographical coverage and an intense volume of activity,, MBA Capital provides business valuations recognized and valued by legal and financial institutions.

We strive to neither over or under-value the company or business unit, which reinforces our credibility.

We use business valuation methods known worldwide, such as stock market comparables, discounted cash flows and net assets.

Owing to its regular growth, MBA Capital performs today around 100 valuations per year.

MBA Capital experts assist you in your business valuation projects or your audits to determine the value of a company.

  • The valuation of a company or business unit is delicate
  • MBA Capital is a trusted partner, delivering fairness opinions
  • MBA Capital has performed over 1000 valuations
  • MBA Capital delivers a professional and objective valuation, which aims to be closest to the value of a deal envisaged in the short / medium run

MBA Capital performs a valuation on each mission in order to be objective and efficient.