The french wine industry


France is one of the countries with the longest history of making wine. With over 38,000 wine-producers in France and 300 wine-trading firms, France is one of the best locations for investors.

Beer: From Global Brands to Craft Brewers


Developments in Agri, Food & Beverages Industry report, November 2016 The Consolidation of Global Leaders The beer production faces a high level of producer concentration. Each country has its «local champion», like Heineken in the Netherlands, Carlsberg in Denmark, Guinness in Ireland, Budweiser in the USA, or Corona in Mexico. The beer market has been owned… Read more

JONCOUX GROUP (France) continues its growth acquiring APROS (Italy)


Joncoux Group, already strong in 4 domestic markets (France, Benelux, Germany and Poland), acquired a majority stake in APROS to consolidate its position as one of the ma­jor European manufacturers of metal chimneys. After the acquisition, Joncoux Group will have € 85 M consolidated revenues and 500 employees, with manufacturing sites in each zone to… Read more