Financial engineering

Financial engineering spans the whole process, from strategy and goals to the execution of the financial structure. Success is met through devising bespoke schemes, allowing to rearrange (and/or increase) the financial resources of the company secured from shareholders and financial institutions.

The vast majority of corporate finance deals made by MBA Capital – sellouts, handovers, acquisitions – comprise financial engineering to assist the shareholders in the financial structuring of the transaction.

Hence, MBA Capital has a strong expertise in rearranging / increasing inasmuch equity as quasi equity or bank facilities.

LBO, MBO, MBI, BIMBO are operations which aim at aligning the interests of the financial shareholders and management, whether shareholders themselves or not, through a complex mix of immediate equity, differred equity subject to meeting objectives as well as structured debt (senior, mezzanine) or hybrid securities which can be converted into equity (convertible bonds). We provide the largest range of financial instruments, adapting it to each situation and negotiating all the aspects of these financial structures in close coordination with legal advisors.

A financial structuring expertise.

In the specific case of high-growth companies, such as startups, we advise shareholders and provide anwers to the question : how to raise funds.

Before development projects, we assist shareholders or managers in securing, renegotiating or rearranging the short, medium and long term bank facilities.

croissance société ingénierie financière

MBA Capital advises you in your  fund raising and/or bank facilities:

  • Financial engineering aims at rearranging or increasing the financial resources of the company
  • MBA Capital has an extensive practice and expertise in equity, quasi equity and bank facilities rearranging or increase
  • Leveraged deals are complex as much in the assessment of their potential financial impacts as in their lay out in the legal documentation. MBA Capital advises its client in the negotiation of all the points
  • Startups or SMEs, MBA Capital assists you : how to raise funds
  • Organic growth or build-up projects, MBA Capital advises its client on the rearranging of its equity and/or the renegotiation or implementation of bank facilities

MBA Capital strong points


MBA Capital is the exclusive property of its partners, which enables us to advise you in all independence.


Be it related to a change in shareholding or not, MBA Capital studies your needs with you and recommends the most appropriate scheme to meet them.


Financial engineering professionals, we announce an execution calendar and are alongside you to meet it.