MBA Capital helps answering to : Is it the right timing to raise funds ? Where to get funds ?

At different stages of its existence, a company may be brought to bring in new shareholders.

For startups or companies in sectors where R&D prior to market is longer (the pharmaceutical industry for instance), the search for new shareholders or additional cash is called a financing round. Several rounds are often necessary, in order to limitate the dilution of existing shareholders and to succeed in securing each round. MBA Capital advises from the second round onwards.

For established companies, the search for new shareholders is called capital development. The players interested in capital development are more numerous by far to those interested in venture capital, the loss risk associated with the equity stake being much lower.

MBA Capital advises the shareholders in raising funds or the opening up of equity : pondering which timing is right, choosing among the potential investors, looking for and negotiating with them on the financial and legal aspects.

Among the initial key issues are the business plan, the pre-money valuation as well as the control (dilution, full dilution, minority veto, voting rights, double dividend rights, etc.) and governance points.

For these private arrangements, the financial structures are tailor made. The mix of instruments and their features is negotiable, which makes the matter complex and is a basis for motivating agreements for existing shareholders, for management (management packages) and for the new shareholders.

MBA Capital puts its expertise at the disposition of its clients, advises him in the global financial engineering and leverages the power of its national and international network.

  • MBA Capital advises in fund raising, excluding seed round
  • MBA Capital advises shareholders on opening up capital
  • These deals comprise complex negotiations on matters of control and governance, tightly linked to the pre-money and post-money valuations
  • As private arrangements, fund raising deals allow the structuring of agreements motivating for all parties, especially to reward the performance of management achieving the business plan targets
  • MBA Capital is an independent professional fund raiser, bringing its expertise in it and in financial engineering as well as the power of its national and international network

MBA Capital advises shareholders on fund raising and opening up capital.