CALCUTTA (Belgium) merged with MURASPEC BUFLON (UK)

MBA CAPITAL LILLE was the sell-side advisor of a Flemish company, bought by an English group. The dynamism of MBA CAPITAL network, founding member of the M&A WORLDWIDE network, is a great strength for French ma­nagers looking to extend their business cross-borders.

Founded in 1848 in Gent (Belgium), CALCUTTA, built on the Flemish weaving tradition, became a world leader of the luxury textile wallcovering. At the beginning, a Gent’s shopkeeper decided to group scores of textile workers in a building located in Gent’s suburbs. The main materials transformed in this factory were the regional flax and the jute, other natural material coming from India, where its name co­mes from. The production was mainly dedicated to wrapping, bags and materials for boats. The 21.000 sqm factory employed 625 people.

In the 60s’, CALCUTTA became the world leader of the sisal carpet with an annual production of 2 million sqm. The expertise of the company allowed CALCUTTA to adapt easily to any change. Thus, CALCUTTA became the first company in Europe using a machine creating synthetics looking like natural materials. CALCUTTA became in the 80s’ the word leader of laminated wallcovering textile. Building on its reputation and in order to meet the demand, CALCUTTA, began the production of covered textiles for blinds.

Today, CALCUTTA sells its wallcovering luxury textile solu­tions all around the world under the brand ASANDERUS© and its textiles for blinds under the brand RAY-SCREEN.

To ensure the sustainability of this 150 years company, family shareholders of CALCUTTA looked for a global company with a high reputation in their market. This was the driver for the acquisition of CALCUTTA by MURASPEC BUFLON advised by MBA CAPITAL LILLE. Guillaume VIGNON – Lille  


Guillaume VIGNON – Lille