Operational advisory

The ongoing increase of cash flow from operations (net income + any non-cash profit and loss items + net working capital variation) is the key challenge of any company, as it opens the way to numerous opportunities.

Company performance enhancement is a focus our experts develop in our advisory missions to management or shareholders. 

Indeed it opens up all potentials :
  • Recruit and invest towards organic growth
  • Achieve external growth
  • Maintain current cash positions to ensure going concern
  • Raise funds on the basis of a better business value
  • Leverage through debt
  • Reward shareholders, management, employees
  • Increase cash out when selling shares

When cash flow from operations is positive, its improvement comes through optimization. Conversely, its improvement comes through turnaround. In both cases, company performance enhancement is the goal we assist you to reach. 

The MBA Capital Optimization & Turnaround practice, which we coin MBA Capital O&R, precisely aims at assisting shareholders and managers of small and midcaps in the ongoing improvement of cash flow from operations.

MBA Capital mobilizes its partners which have an extensive experience both as small / midcap executives in all the main positions including CEO and as operational advisor for shareholders and management of small and midcaps.

Advisory to management and performance enhancement

This unique expertise combination enables MBA Capital to roll out a proven methodology and deliver recommendations tailored to the specific situation and business model of the company.

conseils aux dirigeants d'entreprises, transformation de l'entreprise et conseil des actionnairesAn operational advisory mission by MBA Capital O&R has several phases :

  • A diagnosis resulting into an action plan of practical measures, quantified and with a defined calendar
  • The assistance in the implementation of the action plan

MBA Capital O&R may recommend an operational advisory mission further to a strategic review. The increase in cash flow from operations cannot happen against the company’s teams. MBA Capital O&R assists management in the necessay change process.

In the specific context of external growth 70% of them do not yield the anticipated outcomes because post-acquisition integration was not correctly prepared and executed. MBA Capital O&R provides an assistance service to the buyer on this key success driver. Our experts also directly advise shareholders.

  • Ongoing growth of cash flow from operations is key for any business
  • Our proven methodology
  • Our recommendations attuned to your situation and your business model
  • Our diagnosis leading to an action plan of practical measures, quantified and with a defined calendar
  • Our assistance to the implementation of the measures
  • Our expertise in change management
  • Our assistance in post-merger integration, key success factor for external growth

MBA Capital advises shareholders and management on the ongoing improvement of cash flow from operations.

MBA Capital strong points


Our O&R partners have an extensive experience as operational managers, spanning the whole spectrum of the major functions of a company. Your advisor at MBA Capital understands your issues 360 degrees.


Humility, listening, care. Our O&R partners are comfortable with exchanging with everybody in the company.


We deliver recommendations on practical, quantified measures and with a defined timeline to implementation. We assist you in the execution.