Business Optimization

How to improve your business, do better, much better even, enhance performance, with the same resources ?

As a shareholder and/or executive how would you use cash generated by 1, 3, 10 additional points of recurring EBITDA ? In other words, how to improve our business ? Improve your performance ?

Whether your situation is on attack (market share conquest, new products or services development, capacity increase, external growth) or on defence (customer or market loss, need to replace or modernize manufacturing equipment, margin crunch), you know well how to allocate additional cash.

Albeit, in spite of all your efforts you are not able to generate this additional operational cash flow.

MBA Capital O&R brings into the company proven competencies and methodology to help you get the necessary broader picture, assess your business model from a different perspective, identify the most relevant and efficient operational levers, and to generate additional margins.

MBA Capital O&R aims to answer in a specific and context-tailored way to the question How to do better, much better even, generate additional margins, with the same resources ?

Missions are tailor-made, including the following steps :

  • A diagnosis established over a 6 to 8 week period resulting in an action plan with calendarized, quantified, pragmatic measures
  • Assistance in the implementation of measures until their completion is certain

  • Do better, much better even, with the same resources
  • Owing to our competencies and our proven methodology we identify the most relevant and efficient operational levers for your context
  • We deliver an implementable action plan
  • Pragmatic and quantified measures with a defined calendar
  • We assist you in the implementation of the measures until their completion

MBA Capital helps you to look at your business model from a different perspective by identifying the most relevant operational levers.