Change management

Change management : how to adapt teams, structure, processes to be and do better ? 

Whether because the company business model evolves, or the company has to adapt its organization further to moving on the size ladder, change management is at the heart of business life.

The CEO does not necessarily recognize this need. Integrating coaching as well as transformation project management competencies, MBA Capital O&R advises the CEO and management in a strategic thought process using a proven methodology.

Usually, a change management mission includes :

  • Looking at the organization in view of the short and medium term development strategy as well as the business model evolutions
  • A diagnosis leading to the identification of target organization, processes and values
  • A recommendation of a pragmatic action plan with a defined calendar
  • Assistance in the execution of the action plan

The key stake in change management missions led by MBA Capital O&R is to have the teams buy into the company project and render them best adapted to achieve it.

  • How to adapt teams, structure, processes in order to be and do better at each stage of the company evolution
  • Our management coaching, advisory as well as transformation projects management competencies
  • Our proven methodology, ensuring consistency with global strategy and the business model evolution
  • Our diagnosis leading to a pragmatic action plan with a a defined calendar to reach the target organization
  • Our assistance in implementing the action plan

MBA Capital advises you in change management according to a proven methodology.