With a track record of several hundreds of company or business units sellouts, MBA Capital has developed a rigorous and pragmatic approach : a structured and reassuring process from end to end for a transfer of ownership.

MBA Capital offers tailor-made services for a company sellout. This approach depends upon the context and the type of client : shareholding managers, family offices, private equity funds or groups, wishing to sell their shares.
MBA Capital offers practical solutions and brings actual backing to the shareholders wishing to exit and/or bring in new shareholders. 

Experts assist you during the whole company sellout process.

Firstly, MBA Capital recommends to start preparing a sellout at least 2 years in advance, ideally 3 years. Indeed, shareholding and personal finance matters, legal, tax, financial aspects require anticipation to be decided and implemented. The same goes with the optimization of the company’s business model. Decisions may also be needed for the company’s development or the organization. MBA Capital advises the future seller (shareholder wishing to sell his/her shares) all along this preparation phase before total or partial sellouts of one’s company shares.

Its in-depth knowledge of the economic environment together with the strength of its national and international network enables MBA Capital to be relevant in the search for buyers and to organize competitive bidding situations, for the benefit of its client.

MBA Capital is active in all kinds of sellouts : profitable company sellout, subsidiary divestment, business unit spin-off, distressed sellout, handover of ownership.

  • Profitable business sellout

    A profitable business sellout is the sale of all or part of the shares of a profitable business to a third party.

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  • Spin-off and Divestiture

    Subsidiary divestitures, spin-offs or business unit carve-outs are complex situations and require a specific knowhow.

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  • Distressed sale

    Sellout of loss-making company, prior to but also during receivership.

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  • Company handover

    Recommend the most adequate scheme with a view to sustain value and control of the company by the people to which the shareholder wishes to hand over the business.

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Through its valuation expertise, MBA Capital sheds a professional and independent light on the business’ value. This expertise allows to steer away from unrealistic goals.

Having said that,  the fee structure of MBA Capital is aligned on an objective of value maximization. Leading the negociations among shareholders and coordinating the other advisors to the the seller, MBA Capital protects the latter’s interests, especially in limitating future commitments and responsibilities.

MBA Capital strong points


MBA Capital assists you in optimizing your sellout project. Each case is unique and some aspects have to be considered beforehand, 2 to 3 years in advance.


Our independent valuation of the company helps setting the main goal. Furthermore MBA Capital guides you in limitating your future commitments and responsibilities.


Our MBA Capital and M&A Worldwide networks enable to identify potential acquirers in an extensive and efficient way.