Company handover

Company handover to family, children, management : which stakes ?

LA company handover spans inasmuch family shareholding reshuffling as MBO schemes. MBA Capital assists you in these projects from end to end.

As in most envisaged sellout transactions, MBA Capital recommends to start preparing a company handover at least 2 years ahead, ideally 3 years. On top of the usual topics, a company handover requires a specific assistance. MBA Capital advises the prospective seller all along this preparation phase.

Handover a company, sell one’s company or business yes but on good terms.

Quite often in a handover to family, tax impacts predominate. But the independent valuation which MBA Capital makes results key in preventing conflicts among shareholders. Similarly, the extensive experience of MBA Capital in the negotiation of shareholders’ agreements and the implementation of control holdings brings comfort and serenity to the parties.

Regarding projects implying management shareholding, whether through MBO, OBO or BIMBO, their complexity lies within the objectives and balances aimed at, the consideration of the various business evolution scenarii and their consequences on the triggering of motivational tools such as stock options or earn-out clauses. MBA Capital provides to its client all its experience in these transactions.

All along the process, MBA Capital ensures a professional and independent service and is committed alongside the seller to meet his objectives.

  • Our expertise in family handovers
  • Our expertise in management handovers, MBO, OBO, BIMBO
  • Our prfofessionalism, our independence
  • Our commitment alongside the seller to meet his objectives

MBA Capital ensures a professional, independent service and is commits alongside the seller to meet his objectives.