Profitable business sellout

Sell all, a majority, a minority of the shares : which strategy ? which objectives ?

A profitable business sellout is the sale of all or part of the shares of a profitable business to a third party
. Profitable business sellouts may revolve around family shareholding contexts or the sale to management. In this case we are talking about company handover.

This type of sellout may occur in very different contexts and objectives for the seller. MBA Capital, with a track record of several hundreds of profitable business sellouts, provides insight and contributes to clarify the stakes and wishes of partial or total exit.

Prepare your profitable business sellout

As for most of the envisaged sellout projects, MBA Capital strongly recommends to start preparing a profitable business sellout at least 2 years ahead. Indeed, numerous strategic topics (such as optimizing the business model or the organization), require anticipation. They should also be decided and executed in a timely way in order to be reflected in the activity and key figures of the company. MBA Capital advises the prospective seller throughout this preparation phase.

Depending upon the activity and context, MBA Capital performs the company valuation using one or more methods. To these mathods, MBA Capital applies its extensive knowhow based on sellout of unlisted companies.

With MBA Capital the seller benefits from a structured and transparent process, from the search and contacts with potential buyers until the completion of the deal.

  • Several hundred profitable business sellouts in our track record
  • Our contrbution to clarify the exit stakes and wishes
  • Our strong recommendation : start preparing a sellout 2 to 3 years ahead
  • Our extensive experience in the valuation of unlisted companies
  • Our process, structured and transparent from the start
  • Our commitment at your side for the succes of your project

MBA Capital, professional, independent, committed at your side for the succes of your profitable business sellout.