Strategic review

At MBA Capital, we strive to understand the shareholders and management strategy, to provide food for thought, to challenge their options, with a long-term external business advisor mindset. Advising you on the company business model and strategy in the long run.

MBA Capital assists shareholders and management with a view to clarify goals :

  • Organic growth can generate optimization, business model change topics.
  • External growth naturally leads to acquisition, and in parallel to the preparation of post-acquisition integration
  • The beginning of difficulties brings about turnaround contexts, but also divestment, spin-off, distressed sellout
  • Depending upon your business model, these contexts and others can imply fundraising, bringing in minority investors, selling out the majority or all of your shares
  • In a family business or when management is willing to become shareholder, transmission becomes the topic


Business advisory and business model definition.

conseil en gestion d'entreprise, conception de business model, modèle d'affaire et stratégie d'entrepriseIn accordance with its recommendations on these challenges, MBA Capital underlines that this strategic review, conducted regularly, enables the company to anticipate, prepare and achieve better its goals.

Strategy & growth in the case of a group or company, Portfolio strategy in the case of an investment fund or a family office, strategic review is an efficient and powerful management tool.

MBA Capital partners, owing to their diverse sectorial expertise assist you in the definition of your business model. Their business savviness and their extensive experience in financial advisory (merger, acquisition, sellout, handover, fundraising, financial engineering, valuation) and operational advisory (optimization, turnaround, change management), ensure relevant professionnal and independent advice. These experts are committed alongside shareholders and managers towards value creation.

  • Our advisory looks at the bigger picture in the long run and aims at clarifying the stakes and means to achieve the strategy
  • Our strong recommendation : done regularly, the strategic review is an efficient and powerful management tool
  • Our breadth of sector expertise combined with our extensive experience of financial investments and operational adivsory
  • Our relevant advice as an independent professional, committed to creating value

MBA Capital helps shareholders and managers clarify strategy from the long term perspective of an external consultant.

MBA Capital strong points

at your side in the long run

Achieving the enterprise vision requires a periodic review of long term strategy. MBA Capital is your partner for it in the long run.

sharp external point of view

Performing diasgnoses of the most divers business models, sellouts, acquisitions and financial structures of all kinds, MBA Capital brings you a unique perspective.

for ongoing value creation

We are fuelled by the will to create ongoing value for our clients and their companies. It alone allows to invest, recruit, grow.