Strategy & growth

Which means for which growth ?

Lasting value creation requires a clear strategy and means, within a given market context. 

MBA Capital aims at answering to the question : which means for which growth ?

In contact with shareholders and managers of small and midcaps since 30 years, MBA Capital partners naturally invite them to express and precise the company strategy and goals which have led them to consider a corporate finance transaction or to need their operational advisory competencies.

The key point is to put action into a consistent long-term scheme, which may imply to tweak the original project in a significant way, at least to outline more precisely its criteria.

Indeed, MBA Capital’s experience opens up new perspectives and, through its unique combination of breadth of sectorial expertise, geographical coverage and practice of corporate finance deals as well as operational advisory, brings forth sets of pragmatic measures, growth leverages while protecting the stakes and value for its client.

A business model optimization can help finance at least part of an external growth or to sellout based on a better valuation. An appropriate leverage effect or opening up shareholding to a minority investor can accelerate growth. These are only some examples.

MBA Capital mixes strategic analysis, operational vision on the business model, company strategy, corporate finance deals structuring and execution, to supply professional, independent and relevant advice.

  • Our recommendation > Transactions should be in accordance with clear strategy and goals
  • MBA Capital, through its unique combination of expertise and experience in strategy, operational advisory and financial transactions, delivers professional, independent and relevant insight and advice

MBA Capital defines with you the appropriate growth means and opens up new perspectives in the interest of its clients.